Summer Camp rates/enrollment information here


Tuition and Fees for Regular School Term:


3 - 6 year old class

  • 2 days each week - $330 per month
  • 3 days each week - $440 per month
  • 4 days each week - $550 per month
  • 5 days each week - $660 per month

2 year old class

  • 2 days each week - $500 per month
  • 3 days each - $600 per month
  • 4 days each week - $700 per month
  • 5 days each week - $800 per month


  • $100 supply fee (due at the time of enrollment and every September thereafter)
  • $50 registration fee (due at the time of enrollment)

(Sibling discount = 10% off older sibling's tuition)


Please contact us below for more information or to schedule a time to come out and visit our school (please specify which campus):


After touring our school you will be given an enrollment packet. Once a placement decision has been made, a payment of $150 secures your spot (this fee will go toward the registration and supply fee). The forms and payment may be returned in person to the school or sent to our mailing address below:


The Butterfly Garden

10802 Kit Carson Rd

Austin, TX 78737

Clothing Recommendation

This is a picture of how to wear the rain gear that has worked best for us (rain pants go over the boots).  We found a good deal on the pants here:


Any rain jacket will probably work fine but if you don't find one locally (REI usually has a good selection on the pants and jackets -- and sometimes Academy), you may want to buy them both through the site above. 


The boots that work best are the Crocks Handle It boot. You can buy them online through the Crocks website, and I've seen them advertised locally at Khols.

Crocks Handle It Rain Boot

The shoes that work best during the warmer months -- and especially the summer, are the Natives. These shoes protect their toes, can get wet but dry quickly, wash off great when they get muddy and have plently of holes that allow their feet to "breathe". These can be ordered online through Amazon or Zappos, locally I've seen them advertised at Nordstrom's.

Natives Shoes